Enhanced SharpSSH – In .NET 3.5 & Support for SFTP Delete

On my current project we had a requirement to drop a file onto an SFTP server.  SharpSSH seems to the only free and open source option around for .NET

Some of the pain points of SharpSSH

  • SharpSSH was written in older version of .NET and relies on algorithms in Org.Mentalis.Security.Cryptography for encryption and hashing which is now natively supported by System.Security.Cryptograph so using SharpSSH as is does not seem right
  • Sftp implementation does not support deleting a file (although it is very simple to add that!)
  • Not complied with a Strong name key

Making above changes looked easy enough, so here is the download of SharpSSH – SFTP component for .NET which:

  • Uses algorithms in System.Security.Cryptograph instead of Org.Mentalis.Security.Cryptography
  • Compiled using  .NET 3.5 with strong name  and Project converted to Visual Studio 2008
  • Supports Deleting a file, directory and renaming over SFTP

Download Enhanced SharpSSH Here