Configuring Customer and Orders Manager in Commerce Server 2007

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Since yesterday I have been struggling to open the Customer and Orders Manager for the Commerce Server 2007 Starter kit. I kept getting “Orders Web Service Unavailable”  error:

Orders web service unavailable

It turns out that the SSL certificate used for the site was “Issued to: StarterSite” and I was accessing the site on https://localhost, So their was some sort of “Trust  Issue”. Generating the SSL cert which is “Issued to:  localhost” solved the problem. Below are the command arguments that I used with SelfSSL.exe, notice the use /T argument this will install the self signed certificate into Trusted Root Certification Authorities, which is needed otherwise you will encounter the same error as above.


If you are wondering what the hack is /S:881430382 ? It’s the SiteId for which you want to create a self signed SSL. As on most of the Dev machines there is always more than one site so using the Default SiteId of 1 is no good. (How to find the SiteID in IIS5 and IIS6 – Scott Forsyth’s WebLog)

By default Customer and Orders Manager requires https:// for Orders and Profiles web service, to turn on the option to use http open the CustomerAndOrdersManager.exe.config from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Commerce Server 2007\Business User Applications and set the AllowHttp option to True

Allow Http