MOSS SendEmailActivity and Correlation Token

Recently I had to use SendEmail Activity to send E-mail alerts from a state machine workflow; SendEmail Activity was within a state activity and I was setting correlation token of SendEmail Activity to the token of state activity, unfortunately it was giving an error that sort of indicated that correlation token is not correct.

Somewhere hidden on MSDN forum I found that SendEmail actually needs Correlation token of the Workflow and not the state activity containing the SendEmail Activity

SendEmailActivity's Correlation Token


2 thoughts on “MOSS SendEmailActivity and Correlation Token

  1. So where might that somewhere be on MSDN.
    What if I have my own custom activit that is embedding inside the main workflow. Then the main workflow correlation token is not available to me.

  2. Hello there,

    I think the way to do that is to expose the workflow correlationToken as a dependancyProperty of the custom activity and then bind that to the sendemail activity. But I’m relatively new to all this, just my 2 c..


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